Monday, November 24, 2008

把人放進你的心 Putting People in Your Heart

On November 23, 田天德 傳道 Caleb Tian preached on 「把人放進你的心」 Putting People in Your heart from 羅馬書14章19節–15章6節 Romans 14:19-15:6

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ezekiel Class - Dr. Dean Ulrich

Dean Ulrich is teaching a class on the book of Ezekiel from November 2008 through February 2009. The recorded weeks can be found here: [Note we are missing the second week's audio.]

Class 1

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Ezekiel Christmas Special - Part 1

Ezekiel Christmas Special - Part 2

Summary of the first Half of Ezekial's Message -- Themes in Ch. 16, 23...

愛就完全行出了上帝的律法 Loving Others Fulfills God's Law

On November 2, 印主烈 牧師 Pastor Joel H. Linton preached on 愛就完全行出了上帝的律法 Loving others fulfills God's Law from 羅馬書十三章7-10節 Romans 13:7-10