Monday, February 25, 2008

Sermon D&R - "與上帝和好了嗎 ? Are You at Peace with God?"

Yesterday, Joel (印主烈 牧師) preached on "與上帝和好了嗎 ? Are You at Peace with God?" from 羅馬書五章1-5節 Romans 5:1-5.
Please post your feedback or comments or share your thoughts in response to this sermon.

Some Highlights:
1. Peace is not merely the absence of conflict.
2. Peace is a personal relationship with God
3. This personal relationship is dependent on what Jesus Christ did. God sees Christians through Christ; He is well-pleased with us because God the Father is well-pleased with Jesus Christ, God the Son, who perfectly obeyed God and perfectly loved God. He presented his perfect record in our place, and took our record of sin on himself and received the punishment for our sin when he died on the Cross 2000 years ago.

• 從這段經文和今天的講道,你還學到什麼?
Are there any points you'd like to add that you learned from the Scripture passage and sermon?
• 有沒有哪個例子幫助你了解跟上帝和好的含意?
Were there any illustrations that you really thought helped you understand what it means to have peace with God?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More evidence for Noah's Flood and against evolution

I just read an article in the BBC online edition that yet again mentions fossils with soft tissue still intact, yet these scientists blindly believe that these fossils are tens of millions of years old, but somehow the soft tissue did not decay.

A much more natural explanation would be that their dating scheme is totally off, and that many of the fossils were formed around 4000 to 5000 years ago in the global flood that the Bible talks about where there would be high pressure from all that water, quick deposition, and low oxygen, so not much chance for the fossils to decay -- ideal conditions for fossil formation, and exactly the type of flood described in Genesis 8-9. This is also possibly where all the oil in the world came from. You have a massive amount of water washing all the vegetation into low-lying areas and then build up pressure and low oxygen so that it becomes oil, coal or natural gas instead of decaying.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sermon D&R - Defining Your Christian Identity

On Sunday, February 17, 印主烈 牧師 Pastor Joel Linton will preach on -- "基督徒最好的形容詞 The Word that Really Defines Your Christian Identity" from 羅馬書5章1節 Romans 5:1.

Here is a hint -- look at the very first word in Romans 5.

How does that define what it means to be a Christian?

Stay tuned....