Monday, May 26, 2008

律法顯明人的罪性 Seeing the True Sinfulness of Sin

On May 25,田天德 傳道 Caleb Tian preached on 講道題目:"律法顯明人的罪性 The Law Exposes Your Sin" from 經文:Romans 羅馬書 7:7-20

Suggested Reading: Genesis 創世記 3:1-5
Genesis 3:1-5, Proverbs 9:17, Romans 3:23

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Joel said...

I liked Caleb's quote of Augustine about how when he was a 16 year-old, he and his friends stole some pears from a pear tree, not because they wanted to eat them, but just because they had been told by adults not to do it. They liked the thrill of doing what was forbidden. The pears, they just gave to some pigs.