Monday, June 16, 2008

恨惡己罪的人有盼望 Hope for People who Hate their own Sin

On June 15, 印主烈 牧師 Pastor Joel H. Linton preached on "恨惡己罪的人有盼望 Hope for People who Hate their own Sin" from - 羅馬書7章24節 -- 8章13節 Romans 7:24-8:13

Suggested Reading: the book of 1 John 約翰一書

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Aaron's summary of the sermon highlights said...

Are you bothered by your sin? We're hardened to sin; this in itself shows our own sin. We make room for sin in our lives.
In what areas have you compromised with sin? What do you love more than God? (Phil 3:8) Look at what you spend your time doing.
1 John 2:15-17: There can be no compromise with sin.
If you are bothered by sin, you might be in Christ.
3 sources of hope for those who are in Christ:
1. No condemnation (8:1-4). You're not condemned anymore -- instead, sin itself is condemned (v.3)! Christ faced the death sentence on our behalf.
2. Victory over sin is possible through the Spirit of life (v.5-8). v.13: By the Spirit you daily put sin to death.
3. One day you will be completely free of your sin (v.10-11). Jesus has already been raised, and the Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus, is in you.
This passage encourages us in the daily fight against sin.
v.9: "IF the Spirit of God lives in you." Do you belong to Christ? If you have believed and become a Christian, it will be obvious: you will hate sin more and more. If you're not a Christian, you will have no interest in obeying God, and even if you wanted obey Him, you would be completely powerless to do so.
1 John 3:6: No one who lives in Christ keeps on sinning. Christians do sin everyday and will continue to sin their whole life. But God does not leave them comfortable with their sin. God eventually brings them to repentance.
Give up your sin! Put your hope in Christ Jesus!
Christians still sin, but the Holy Spirit convicts us. Daily repentance, belief in Jesus.
What you're looking for in all your sins can only be found in God through Jesus Christ.