Monday, March 30, 2009

The Holy Spirit's Work in the Hearts of Men


"Men are estranged from God, and engaged in rebellion against him; and they love to continue so. They will not submit, nor return to their duty and allegiance. Hence there is need of a superior power to subdue their stubborn hearts, and sweetly constrain them to subjection; to inspire them with the love of God, and an implacable detestation of all sin. And for this purpose, the holy Spirit of God is sent into the world: for this purpose, he is at work, from age to age, upon the hearts of men."

- Rev. Samuel Davies, President of Princeton University, 1760


Most people think that they are pretty good and if there is a God, God would be happy with them. They do not really think they are in rebellion.
The human heart says, "Peace, Peace", when War, War, is at your very door.

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