Saturday, January 26, 2008

Creation vs. Evolution Discussion Group

After the service on Sunday, January 27, there will be a discussion group on Creation and Evolution. We will be watching a DVD documentary called: "Unlocking the Mystery of Life". It does several things: 1. Reviews Darwin's Theory of Evolution, 2. Considers the present issue of the fact that even inside cells, there are incredibly complex machines that could not have evolved from small random changes -- implies and Intelligent Designer 3. Considers the issue of the origin of cells themselves, and how the proteins and DNA's information require imply a Intelligent Designer. ... all of the Scientists interviewed are former believers in evolution who as they looked at the facts came to be confronted with the impossibility of evolutionary theory. They felt forced to conclude from the data that there must have been a designer.

The DVD does not discuss some related issues such as the methods of dating, the strata of the earth, the absence of transitional fossils. We can discuss this more in the meeting. But the DVD deals with some core issues that must be answered first before any further assumptions about evolution by natural selection can be considered.


melodychen said...

Yeah! This is such an interesting idea--a blog for our church to discuss sermons, questions, etc. I look forward to seeing many comments coming in and having discussions here:p This is the most exciting news on this miserable cold and rainy day.

Stipe said...

I believe it is very important to use terms that put God at the very top of our belief structure. I do not like the term 'intelligent design' because, even if one day the idea is accepted, people will still be able to hide behind an idea that the intelligence does not stem from God.

I like a lot of the ideas that come from ID scientists and from the video we watched, but I would only put my name to something that declares Christ as Lord.

Joel said...

We talked about how the earth is young 6000 to 10,000 years and that Noah's Flood was probably about 4000 to 5000 years ago and that people did not descend from apes in Africa, but rather descended from Noah and migrated from regions around Babylon. Here is genetic evidence about how blue eyes originated from one person, in scientist thinking -- about 6000 to 10,000 years ago. Maybe there was one of Noah's sons with blue eyes?