Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sermon Discussion and Response - January 27, 2008

On Sunday, January 27, Pastor Tim preached from Romans 4:9-25 羅馬書四章9-25節 on "Certain Faith in Hopeless Situations 在絕望的處境中信心堅定" .

Please make comments here, ask questions, give feedback, or share Bible verses, songs or experiences in response to this sermon.


Stipe said...

The answer to the question, "Can God change His mind?" is, "Yes."

Stipe said...

問題的答案, "才能使上帝改變他的主意?" 是 "是"

Joel said...

God is perfect and knows everything about the future and the present. He never doubts his decisions.

When the Bible speaks of God in human terms and it says that God "repented" it does not mean that God changed his mind, but rather the situations change, and so God's attitude towards the people was in response to their own behavior. God always has the same attitude towards the same behavior. He does not one day dislike sin and the next day like sin.

Stipe said...

How is the situation changing and God adjusting His judgment any different from a person noticing a change and adjusting similarly?

Joel said...

God decrees certain behaviors have certain consequences. He also enters into relationships -- covenants. When the person or Israel violates his covenant, God responds to their violation.

This is different from God changing his mind about the original conditions of the covenant, or saying, ah, never mind about that, its not working, I'm not going to require that anymore.

This is why Jesus had to die, to satisfy God's absolute and unchanging decree and justice.