Friday, April 4, 2008

為什麼人們應該行為良善?Why should people do good?


為什麼人們應該行為良善? 為什麼人們應該改變他們的行為?



- 印主烈 牧師
(Translated by Melody Chen)
Opening Meditation for Sunday:

Why should people do good? Why should they change the way they behave?

Your motivation to change should not be out of obligation or legalism. Legalism is trying to follow a list of rules in an effort to be accepted by God. Legalists will tell you, "In order to be a good Christian, you should be like this, or you ought to do that. Otherwise you are bad."

But the message of the Gospel is different. The Bible says that God already knows you are a bad sinner. But God loves and accepts His people because of Jesus Christ, not because of what you do. If you are a believer, God adopted you as His child and He gave you a new heart. God changes people from the inside. Believing the Gospel makes you want to change and be more like the One who loves you so much.

- Pastor Joel H. Linton

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