Wednesday, July 30, 2008

愛是願意付上代價 Love that is Willing to Pay the Price

On July 27, 2008, Caleb Tian 田天德 傳道 preached a sermon on "愛是願意付上代價 Love that is Willing to Pay the Price" from Romans 9:1-5.
經文:羅馬書9:1-5;出 32:31-32
田天德 傳道

This recording also includes:

1. the Old Testament Reading from Genesis 1 - Daniel Cohee 柯睿理 傳道
2. the testimony of John Wang 王嘉蓁

On July 27, 2008,
林亮吟 joined New Hope
John and Vanessa Wang professed their faith and were baptized and joined the church
their children Joyce and Rosie were baptized on the basis of their parents' profession and joined the church as non-communing members.

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