Friday, August 21, 2009

Helping Disaster Relief in the South

From Ann:

How to help

1. If you want to send goods to charities currently carrying out operations in the south, please contact the charities first to ask whether they still need supplies before you send them. Many charities said they have had enough donated supplies, but many flood victims are in dire need of cash to purchase things they need and to move around. To find how to help or donate or to learn more about the ongoing developments of the relief/recovery efforts, please check the following websites (Ann said they are quickly updated, though updates on the English website are slower than those on the Mandarin website):


2. Those who would like to go down to the south to help the recovery efforts can apply for free High Speed Rail seats.


1. Ann(上禮拜天報告救災的女生)說很多救災團體已募到足夠的物資,若要再寄送物資,請先向各救災團體確認是否還需要物資,以免白忙一場。報導指出很多災民急需現金度日,或許可以以捐款代替捐贈物資。大學生架設了及時更新的救災網站,隨時提供如何協助賑災的及時資訊,請大家多加利用、介紹(也有英文版的救災網站)。


2. 欲南下協助賑災者可申請免費高鐵座位。

Ann sent the following information about how to help the disaster relief n south Taiwan.

Here are the websites that can be helpful. (Mandarin and English)
But the latest needs or requirements can be found at the Mandarin website. :D
(各位 這是我今天早上說的網站 資訊更新很快 也頗好用
可以多加利用 還有附件檔的內容除了 今天早上說的以外
還有附上這幾天缺物資的聯絡處 :D )

For those who can not read Mandarin. Hope this helps.

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