Friday, October 23, 2009

Challenging Ourselves

"Challenging the next generation with truth starts with honest self-examination. We must ask, “Do I know the plotline of the Bible? Do I know Christian theology? Do I read any serious Christian books? Do I know anything about justification, redemption, original sin, propitiation, and progressive sanctification? Do I really understand the gospel?” We cannot challenge others until we have first challenged ourselves."

"Grow in God and you’ll make a difference in people’s lives. If nothing of spiritual significance is happening in your church, your Bible study, your small group, or your family it may be because nothing spiritually significant is happening in your life."

"It’s not liberal professors [in their colleges] that are driving our kids away. It’s their hard hearts and our stale, compromised witness [as parents] that opens the door for them to leave."

"The one indispensable requirement for producing godly, mature Christians is godly, mature Christians. Granted, good parents still have wayward children and faithful mentors don’t always get through to their pupils. But in the church as a whole, the promise of 2 Peter 1 is as true as ever. If we are holy, we will be fruitful. Personal connections with growing Christians is what the next generation needs more than ever."
- Kevin DeYoung

“What your people need from you most is your own personal holiness.”

- Robert Murray McCheyne

Highly recommended: the article "Jumping Ship" by Michael Pearl

2 Peter 1:5-8, 1 Tim. 4:15-16

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